ATR SPORT is designed using technology to provide performance in both dry and wet tractions.  The firm grip ensures a safe and smooth driving experience.

  • Semi-slick Tread Pattern – Maximum reduction of energy loss during cornering, braking or accelerating
  • Solid Center Rib – Delivers straight line stability to improve handling
  • Supreme Dot Technology – Increases surface area for greater heat dissipation in track usage
  • Rim Guard Protection – Provides wheel damage protection


The Achilles ATR Sport (Advanced Technology Radial) is a low budget tire that is built to provide a higher level of performance. Designed for a vast range of vehicles from coupes to sedans, the ATR Sport has numerous impressive features.

An eco-friendly silica tread compound paired with an advanced offset design and directional tread pattern, helps to transfer energy to the road resulting in better fuel efficiency and increased traction on both dry and wet roads.

A continuous center rib that further enhances the stability, cornering, and steering response. With an unique 3-D surface block technology to help reduce outside road noise to deliver a more comfortable ride quality. Inside are twin steel belts and a polyester cord body for increased strength and durability to the overall tire. Achilles has a wide variety of 15 to 20 inch sizes, and they also include a 25,000 mile tread warranty.

Made in Indonesia