• Featuring a rim protector to help protect alloy wheels from accidental curb damage

  • A rigid shoulder block design improves cornering

  • At high speeds, the continuous arrow center rib helps directional driving stability and braking

  • When it rains, the V-shaped tread drains water for greater safety and confidence

  • Pattern noise is reduced with Nexen’s 5 random pitch variation

  • W and Y Speed Rated

  • UTQG 340 AA A

Nexen is known for making some very good tires that cost less than many other brands, and the N3000 summer high performance model continues in that line. Designed to provide higher speed stability, braking and cornering performance, the N3000 is built for drivers of sports cars, coupes, and sedans.

A high performance summer tread compound is matched up to a directional tread pattern for maximum dry and wet traction. The unique arrow shaped continuous center rib provides added stability and steering response on dry pavement, while also increasing braking capabilities. It holds the corners well with its unique rigid shoulder block design that delivers added stability.

The directional v-shaped tread pattern also enhances wet road traction and handling, something mentioned often in other driver ratings and reviews. The aqua grooves channel away water from under the tread and reduces hydroplane risks.

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts that are nylon reinforced for added strength and durability throughout the speed range. A polyester cord body gives the tire increased ride comfort and more even treadwear. Nexen utilizes 5 random pitch variation that reduces tread pattern noise for additional ride quality.

Made in Korea