UTQG 400 A A

W Speed Rating

Eco Dynamic which is designed with 20 years of experience and tested in Europe, aims to perform in all conditions with high efficiency

– Low Fuel Consumption and long life
– Lower Energy loss
– Improved wet-grip technology
– Quiet and comfortable
– Excellent traction in all conditions

Block Stabilization Technology – More powerful blocks provide shoer braking distances on wet and dry roads

Step Shoulder Technology – Excellent Handling and cornering in dry and wet conditions

4 Wider Grooves – Beer Aqua planning and Drainage

Adaptive Tread Technology – The Adaptive Tread Tech providing best performance according to road condition

Smart Tire Technology – Environmental friendly technology is applied fuel efficiency and Safety Driving

Eco Tire Technology – Lighter tire sand special compounds provide lower fuel costs and CO2 emissions

Variable Pitch Technology – Five variable pitch and speciific tread blocks reduce the sound level

Intelligent Compound Technology – Provide best performance according to changable weather conditions

Improved Carcas Technology – Reinforced and lighter construction reduce overall tire weight by 5% for improved rolling resistance


Made in Turkey