Ohtsu’s summer high-performance tire, the Ohtsu FP8000, is built for drivers of performance luxury coupes and sedans who are seeking outstanding performance. This tire is designed to deliver excellent traction and cornering grip. Learn more in our Ohtsu FP8000 review.

  • W Speed Rated

  • UTQG 300 AA A

Ohtsu is known for making some very good tires, and the FP8000 summer high performance tire continues that trend. We involved many people and research and development teams to create best price-to-quality ratio for tires we could. This model has a directional tread pattern with silica tread compound for enhanced grip and control. Dual tread compound and 3-D rounded tread blocks create unique surface that enhances summer driving experience. FP8000 specially engineered to have a continuous center rib and five linear responsive ribs which quicken steering response and provide good handling feel during whole drive session. Side-shifted random pitch differences of the tread blocks work to make road noise nearly non-existent.

While Ohtsu FP8000 model is more affordable than many other high performance summer tires, however it is of great value and does not lack many features. Compared to others, dry performance is great and driving experience on wet pavement is exceptional. You would be surprised how good the grip is in the corners. As it was said, for ultra-high performance tires noise on roads is almost undetectable. FP8000 is created for you to have smooth ride.

After buying so considerably competitively priced set of new tires, you would be surprised how good they are. Even more, after some miles you would definitely uncover your car’s true potential in summer conditions. For your confidence in our services we provide each tire with mileage warranty for up to 80k miles, time period of several years or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth. This insures our customers loyalty and help other people make Ohtsu Tires FP8000 as their rubber of choice.

Made in Thailand

*Currently in review